Week 11

Attached is the Powerpoint from today’s review of theGalloway and Manovich articles.

Links from PDF:

Trump protest in Club Penguin 

Alex Galloway Talk

Hole in Space, 1980
Kit Galloway and Sherry Rabinowitz.

Michelle Teran : Parasodic Video Network

Barcode Hotel – Perry Hoberman (1995)  https://vimeo.com/47016115

Thecla Schiphorst – Body Maps 1999

Interactive Cinema

  • Switching – Danish Film Institute (2003)


  • Late Fragment (2007)


Remix – Tracy Fragments (2007)

Havana Miami

Chris Milk, 3 dreams of black

Julian Oliver – Level Head (2007)

Beyond Pages, Masaki Fujihata 1995

Tony Oursler, Uncanny Valley 2011


Jeffrey Shaw – Legible City – 1988


Luc Courchesne -”Living by numbers”, 2001



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